What does the Bible say about God's protection?

Protection for me and my Family

Because we believe and confess the Word, God's protection surrounds me and my family.

Because you say: The Lord is my confidence! You have made the highest your refuge; no misfortune will happen to you and no nuisance will approach your tent. Because he will give orders to his angels because of you that they will protect you in all your ways.
Psalm 91,9-11

The Lord protect you from all evil, he protect your soul; the Lord will protect your exit and entrance from now on forever.
Psalm 121,7-8

But everyone will be happy who trusts you; they will cheer forever, for you will shield them; and be happy in you who love your name!
Psalm 5,12

You have given me joy in my heart that is greater than theirs when they have plenty of grain and must.
Psalm 4,8

How delicious is your grace, oh God, that human children find refuge under the shadow of your wings!
Psalm 36,8

You, Lord, did not want to close your heart to me; let your grace and your truth keep me at all times!
Psalm 40,12

Throw your concern on the Lord and he will take care of you; he will not let the righteous waver forever!
Psalm 55,23

Whoever walks with impunity is saved; but whoever leads a double life will fall at once.
Proverbs 28,18

With all her distress he was beset and the angel of his face saved her; in his love and mercy he redeemed her; he picked it up and wore it all days of ancient times.
Isaiah 63,9

Aren't they all serving spirits sent out to serve those who should inherit salvation?
Hebrews 1,14