Thoughts about 05. December

As soon as I allow my own offense or resentment to interfere with my way of life, I get on the wrong track and destroy everything that I had built up before through correct behavior.

Personal resentment should never interfere with the way of life that GOD expects from me. And if I can't clearly see God's guidance, I have to do my duties quietly and modestly. I must not allow my inner strength to be undermined by resentment.


In a year through the Bible

Old Testament

Hosea 1,1 - 11 and Hosea 2,1 - 23 to Hosea 3,1 - 5

Psalm 124,1 - 8

Bible wisdom: Proverbs 28,27 - 28

New Testament

James 3,13 - 18 to James 4,1 - 12