Thoughts about 04. June

My life belongs to God.

I know what that means because I can't expect enough from such a life. I feel how full this life can be if I can dedicate myself completely to God. Then miracles can happen after miracles. And if I stay true to my belief, then I can count on the good things that are waiting for me. I make God the master of my life and the driver of my day. Now forever. I want to try to act according to his guidance and leave all results to him, so that I justify the trust placed in me by God.


In a year through the Bible

Old Testament

2. Samuel 22,21 - 51 to 2. Samuel 23,1 - 17

Psalm 122,1 - 9

Bible wisdom: Proverbs 16,18 - 19

New Testament

Acts 2,1 - 47