With this offer we would like to give you the opportunity to learn more about the Bible and Christian life. Reach people and get the message across to other people.

We thank "The International Curriculum" as well as all pastors and pastor Michael Ackermann, who unfortunately passed away much too early and gave us the opportunity to use these lessons for this service.

The Bible says: "You received it for free and you should pass it on for free."

Our thanks also go to BibleServer for the possibility to connect the links of the Bible verses directly to the website. The biblical passages shown refer to the King James Version (KJV) translation.

Rev. Graham Kendrick Prayer Marches and Worship

Prayer Marches and Worship 1 to 3
Prayer Marches and Worship 4 to 5

Dr. A. L. Gill Breakthrough Praise

Breakthrough Praise 1 to 3
Breakthrough Praise 4 to 5

Rev. Billy Hornsby Leadership of Cell Groups

Leadership of Cell Groups 1 to 3
Leadership of Cell Groups 4 to 5

Dr. Kent Hunter Church growth

Church growth 1 to 3
Church growth 4 to 5

Dr. Mitch Medina Evangelistic Mobilization

Evangelistic Mobilization 1 to 3

Rev. John Amstutz & Rev. Don McGregor National Movements

National Movements 1 to 2
National Movements 3 to 4
National Movements 5

Mike und Marilyn Philips Service to Married Couples

Service to Married Couples 1 to 3
Service to Married Couples 4 to 5